rainbow cake (easy 6 layer cake)

i always anticipate to make something good food and 'wow' people around me, and i am someone who is a perfectionist. i often expect perfect outcome although most of the time i made careless mistake but with my 10% of luck, i managed to cover up some of those flaws that i made.

although it was my first trial for baking an rainbow cake, i spoilt my precious mixer and i ended up using hand whisk. lucky it was really a manageable recipe that i obtain from Kerry's blog, a quick and easy step by step recipe that she had shared. and because i wanted to bake a rainbow cake, i invested in a new set of food coloring by americolor (student kit) which i bought from my local bakery store. it was a brand that most of the bloggers and tutorial had been using for their rainbow cake, i like the way how the packaging were as it does not leaves any mess behind, all you have to do it to gently squeeze it and the liquid gel will come out from the tip of the cover. though it may be a little costly as compared the commercialise food coloring, but well it's up to individual preference to use the ingredients that you preferred. 

strawberry shortcake

i had been baking and experimenting on baking for quite some time, i usually will have spent time reading through words and trying very hard to understand and visualise on the instruction written and it often lead me to some baking errors who pull my mood a little down. but it had never kill my interest towards baking and explore the wonderful chemistry with the mixture of ingredients, you get so excited when you see have all the wet and dry content mixed together and it all became thick and fluffy. once you sent the mixture into the hot oven and watching the process of how the mixture rise up and turn into a delicious and appealing cake. that is the moment! the result achieve often motivate me and widen my curiosity and adventurous attitude to try  out a new recipe after it, but of course sometimes there might be errors and room of improvement which will make you upset a little. so the positive attitude has to be there to calm you down and recap on all the steps and instruction that you had followed and realise the mistake.

butter cake

I had been kind of lazy to do baking lately, due to busy schedule and wanting to rest. Perhaps, I am getting older now, or maybe just feeling lazy.

I asked a ex-colleague of mine if she is working today, and wanting to give her a surprise. So the night before I actually prepared this butter cake for her. I had blown my mixer when I was trying to use it to beat my butter, in the end I have to use manual beat with a whisk to get the texture I want. It was pretty tough to do so, but it was fun though. 

Butter Cake

hong kong style egg tarts

Hello, I'm back. Today, I had made delicious Hong Kong style Egg Tarts, I once tried baking but however it didn't work out. This time round, I made it! And it was not that difficult than the one I used to try on. A Dim Sum (Chinese food) that cantonese will have during Yum Cha (tea time). However, you may want to reduce the amount of sugar level so that the filling do not taste too sweet and it is suitable for children and elderly.

Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts.

banana loaf cake

I had a make it a goal that I should be back practicing baking once a week, today I had decided to bake banana cake. This is one of the simplest cake that even a beginner baker can do. But don't forget you have to follow and have a accurate measurement of ingredients, otherwise your baking will not be good.